Shift the cultural mindset


Partner with leaders to design an organizational infrastructure that positions them for continual success.  


“It is the employee base that holds the true promise of an organization’s future.”  

People are rarely released from (or leave) organizations for not meeting job performance. Their exit is usually the result of processes that emphasize achieving goals at the expense of the human experience.


Start by shifting the cultural mindset

We partner with leaders to shift the cultural mindset and re-engineer key human resource methods, such as the disciplinary process, to support interdependence, employee engagement, and organizational success.


Employee Engagement Council

Cultivate a loyal employee base

A welcoming environment is critical for employee engagement. In fact, organizations with employee engagement councils continually reap the rewards of employee trust and loyalty. These values are sustained through consistent interaction and communication.


Training and Practicing Skills

Build a competent workforce

Employees want to perform at their highest level of competency. Providing ongoing training (technical and professional development) and the opportunities to practice the skills are paramount to building a competent workforce.


Performance Evaluations

Have conversations for success

Numberless performance evaluations with clearly defined accountabilities remove fear from this process. They engage employees in their professional and career development, and leaders in conversations that acknowledge the contribution each person makes to the organization’s success.


Career progression

Invigorate the “energy” of the organization

Innovation requires the influx of new ideas. Allowing employees to easily join (move from one position to another) or leave because of a career interest keeps the ideas and “energy” of an organization flowing. An organization without career ladders or succession plans is like steering a ship without direction.