Create sustainability

A robust amount of support materials designed to enhance the consulting experience. 


“Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime”

The quote above underlies our service philosophy, as well as product design. Products must incorporate environmental and technological advances in order to enhance, and/or complement, what will sustain the workforce and culture over the long-term.


Sustainable and adaptable products.

Products serve as a reminder of the values a culture espouses and help employees stay refreshed and prepared in their skills. Whatever form they take, they must be relevant for the changing times. 


Curriculum of learning and development

Build the foundation

The premise of the foundational curriculum is to know and master self. It is a set of nine modules designed to introduce employees and leaders to a new way of thinking about topics such as accountability, conflict resolution, and trust. The principles help them navigate the political and relationship quagmire of an organization quickly.


Seminars and workshops

Practice “How To”

Seminars and workshops are booster shots in curriculum-based training. They give the learner an opportunity to practice to become proficient in a skill, but, more importantly, they serve to instill a language in the culture. The products offered during this maintenance phase consist of tip sheets and workbooks of practice exercises. 


Train-the-Facilitator Certification

Keep learning alive

This comprehensive certification program prepares individuals to become the models of the principles and concepts of mastering self and cultural transformation. It is a set of materials which includes a PowerPoint presentation, a step-by-step facilitator guide, and a participant workbook.


Resource materials

Leadership Reference Guides and EGO game

Too often, employees and leaders participate in training sessions with the expectation that they utilize what is taught to change the culture and improve job performance immediately. Resource materials, such as posters, guidebooks, videos, e-learning or podcast, reinforce what was learned and serve as reminders of what is important to sustain the culture.