Uncover barriers to success

Train individuals to distinguish and utilize their skills and knowledge of self to influence leadership effectiveness.


“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

- Lao Tzu

A coach has a fiduciary responsibility to their client. They hold their vision and are entrusted to act with integrity and respect for the fulfillment of that vision.


Begin by establishing a background of relatedness

The coaching process, which is fluid and subject to change depending on circumstances, begins with the belief that the client has the answer. By establishing a background of relatedness, a coach can unearth that answer.



knowing who you are

Identifying, understanding, and accepting personal strengths, motivational needs, and growth opportunities without fault, guilt, or blame.



Acknowledging and arresting “triggers”

Being present to signals that activate automatic default behaviors requires focus. An aware individual practices accurately assessing these triggers, correcting non-productive behaviors, and identifying actions that promote the values of the culture.



Generating a new way of “being”

“Being” is a mindset. It is each individual’s recognition of their inherent worth and contribution they bring to any interaction. Having clarity of purpose, and choosing to align that purpose with the organizational vision, fosters partnership through interdependence.



Controlling the EGO’s demands

Self-Mastery is about not allowing triggers (thoughts, emotions or reactions) to automatically overtake a situation and have you act in ways that violate your true nature.